How long will the human race survive?

Is our species advancing or are we a civilization in decline? How long will it be until our society crumbles -- not from external threat but from our own self-destructive virtues.

Tolerance and Apathy, the final virtues of a dying society. Another implosion of a great empire unable to sustain.

If this happens, can any of us survive? Who?

Even if we survive and prosper in global harmony, what do we have to live for? When we have nothing left to conquer, no more ignorance to exploit, nothing to fear. Do we have a reason to pursue anything if we have nothing to desire?

When we have it all, where is the will to live?

What is the will to live?

The will to live is the pursuit of desire. We were once wired to seek comfort, pursue what makes us happy, do what feels good and in our primitive development it has been successful.. but does this limbic system ultimately become the inevitable limitation to our continued advancement as a species?

Has the Serotonin within us become A Tragedy of Well-Being?